Walk into the resort
It is located in the Dan Sam Wang international tourism resort in the suburb of Vientiane, capital of Lao People's Democratic Republic. It belongs to the subsidiary of Dan SA Wang Group. The project invested by Dan Sha Wang Jin Xin Xiang Xin Tian Di commercial tourism is a key development project of Dan Sam Wang international tourism resort. It will become the most important part of the whole Dan Sam international tourism resort. One of the core.
Lao People's Democratic Republic is located in the south of China and the west of Vietnam, bordering Yunnan Province of China. It is the only inland country in Southeast Asia and one of the few socialist countries in the world. It has a highly similar social and political system with China.
Dansavang international tourism resort is located in the suburb of Vientiane, beside the largest lakes in Laos, Qiandao Lake (also known as Tianhu and nanrussia lake, which is similar to China's Qiandao Lake, with a total area of about 60% of China's Qiandao Lake). Relying on the natural landscape of Qiandao Lake like a fairyland, it has built golf courses, hotels, docks and yachts through years of continuous investment The club and other comprehensive supporting tourism facilities are the core tourism landscape around Vientiane, the capital of Laos, and the real first stop and the first place to visit Laos.
At the same time, dansawang international tourism resort is the only special economic zone in Laos with multiple franchise rights approved by the Lao government. It enjoys various preferential policies in terms of operation authority, finance, land, tax and so on. It will be an important business card for the Lao government to undertake foreign development and integrate into China's "one belt and one ministry" economy.
Dan SA Wang Jin Xin Tian Di Co., Ltd. belongs to Dan SA Wang Group. The Dan SA Wang Group is Laos second tax paying big family, is Southeast Asia's most powerful entertainment investment investor, the group spreads all over Laos, Macao, Burma, Kampuchea and so on Southeast Asian country, the group has 30 It is a comprehensive holding company with comprehensive development in the fields of social e-commerce, digital ecology, characteristic entertainment, tourism, real estate, hotel, bank, education, resort, golf course, mineral industry and other high-end service projects.
Dansam Golden Elephant Xintiandi project is invested by dansam Golden Elephant Xintiandi Co., Ltd., with a planned area of 21.3 hectares, with a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan. It is expected that the preliminary construction will be completed in 2021. After completion, it will become the core functional block of the whole dansam resort. Landmark buildings and business centers will become one of the most important buildings in the dansha tourist resort.
The project mainly includes Golf Course Hotel, Southeast Asian style theater, dansawang comprehensive commercial street, golf villa group, entertainment center, dansawang comfort center, apartment self-service Hotel, military shooting range, ordinary apartment and other functional blocks. The project will be built into a set of featured cultural and entertainment, scenic spot sightseeing, cultural experience, financial services, commercial real estate, leisure and vacation, and cultural exchanges Flow, health care, catering and shopping are equal to a large comprehensive new kingdom of international tourism and vacation.
Golf Hotel
Located next to dansavang Golf and country club, it will introduce international famous brands, become the first batch of super five-star high-end hotels in Laos, and also the landmark building in dansavang international tourism resort.
The business area of the hotel is 32500 square meters. It is preliminarily estimated that there are 318 rooms in the hotel, which are divided into 11 different room types. The hotel mainly meets the accommodation needs of high-end customers, especially some rooms in the northwest corner, which are connected with the golf course, and have a panoramic view of the whole golf course.
At the same time, the hotel also operates functional blocks such as Chinese and Western restaurants, tea rooms, fitness centers and yoga rooms, children's activity center, shops and water bars. Some franchise projects operated by the group are introduced into the right hall, which can let Chinese tourists experience that many kinds of entertainment cannot be provided in domestic hotels.

Southeast Asian style theater
The total area is 2568 square meters, it is the largest theater in Laos with the appearance built in the traditional architectural style of Laos. In the theater, traditional Lao arts and art programs will be staged regularly. Meanwhile, customs performances from Thailand and other countries can be introduced. Other activities can also be arranged inside. It will become the largest enclosed venue in the whole dansawang tourist resort and even in Laos, It is also a window for the promotion and display of Lao national image and Lao culture and art.

Entertainment Center
It is divided into three floors, with a total area of 4887 square meters. The first floor is Diba, the second floor is KTV, and the third floor is the bathing and sauna center. With complete supporting facilities and super first-class service team, tourists can have a leisure place to relax and free themselves when they are tired.

  Commercial Street comprehensive street
With a total area of 18000 square meters, including banks, duty-free shops (which are still applying for relevant policies), large supermarkets, brand discount stores, Southeast Asian specialty restaurants, other ordinary shops, tea houses, etc., will become the most comprehensive and the only shopping center in Bangen County of Vientiane province where dansawang is located, with special advantages.
In particular, the 11 villas and restaurants located along the lake are directly built on the lake, and the golf course is opposite the lake. When the scenery of the lake and the mountains are beautiful, the wine is delicious, and the wine is facing the wind, how is your life!

 Supporting apartment and Apartment Hotel
The total area is 83400 square meters.
Some of them are used for self-service apartment hotels, mainly for reception with relatively low consumption capacity, and can also be used as long-term rental for middle and low-end customers with strict control on Tourism cost.
The second part is for the accommodation of hotel staff.
The third part will be used as commercial housing and rewards, a small part of which will be sold to the public. Most of them will be used to reward the employees who have made outstanding contributions to the hotel work, as well as feedback to customers who spend a lot of money in the hotel.

  Dansa wangyiyang Center
Located in the periphery of the whole building of the Golden Elephant Xintiandi, it is built on the famous small Jinghu. There are two banyan trees on the lakeside, a stone shaped like a giant tortoise, accompanied by a myth that has been circulating for hundreds of years.
After its completion, it will become the old age activity health care center of the Golden Elephant Xintiandi. Its surrounding areas are rich in trees and herbs, which are very suitable for health and rest.

  Military shooting range
The military assault field, located at the periphery of the Golden Elephant Xintiandi, is currently under planning and approval. It belongs to a joint venture with the Lao Ministry of defense, which provides all kinds of firearms from the Lao defense force so that guests can experience the real feeling of gun firing.