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       It is located in the Dan Sam Wang international tourism resort in the suburb of Vientiane, capital of Lao People's Democratic Republic. It belongs to the subsidiary of Dan SA Wang Group. The project invested by Dan Sha Wang Jin Xin Xiang Xin Tian Di commercial tourism is a key development project of Dan Sam Wang international tourism resort. It will become the most important part of the whole Dan Sam international tourism resort. One of the core of

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  • 36500

    million total assets
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Golf Hotel

Golf Hotel

Commercial street

Southeast Asian Style Theater

Recreation center

Franchise industry


.. One of the must-visit tourist destinations in Laos/International one-stop leisure and holiday tourist destination. "Food, lodging, travel, shopping, and entertainment" travel elements are fully covered, creating a combination of ecological sightseeing, leisure and entertainment, cultural experience, health and wellness, and residence and vacation.

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